Imperial Motion Matty Raynor

Matty Raynor // Surfer Mag

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Be on the lookout for a new video Surfer Mag will be dropping about IM Affiliate Matty Raynor and the unique friendship he has with Daniel Jones from the shaper / surfer perspective.

Imperial Motion Brent Bielmann Above and Below

IM Affiliate Brent Bielmann // Above and Below

2015.  A new year, and a blank canvas for new ideas, opportunities and actions. The mark on the calendar that says, it’s time to one-up last year’s you. Surf photographer Brent Beilman, and videographer Eric Sterman decided to get a head start on their year by bringing you an innovative collaboration of styles. A seamless blend of both aerial and water cinematography that provides a very unique perspective of a shore break that will forever live in infamy, Pipeline. Sit back and enjoy as they give you a quick look at some of their shots from the tail end of 2014 featuring some serious heavy hitters of the surf world. Could this be a clue into what could be a theme for these two talented visionaries? We can only hope. Special thanks to Brent and Eric for providing a kick in the pants to get out there and pursue the things that make us feel alive. It’s only onward and upward from here people. Make sure you-do-you along the way. Happy new year on behalf of the Underachievers.