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We are proud to introduce our IM Women’s Spring/Summer 17 Collection.

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Imperial Motion’s Alex Smith & Benji Brand | GoPro Surf in Namibia

Take a look inside the Legendary Barrels of Namibia with IM Affiliates, Alex Smith and Benji Brand in GoPro’s latest surf edit.


Spring 2017 Reel

Babes, Waves, and Urethane…We are a little of each.

In The Meantime… // IM Active

Conditions aren’t always perfect. Be conditioned for when they are. In The Meantime… // IM Active
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Q Perez, Fuck This Video Three Part

IM Flow Rider Q Perez in his ripping “Fuck This Video Three” Part.. check it!

40oz Fridays // Max Desantis

Words flow a bit easier when washed down with a 40. We caught up with IM Affiliate Max Desantis in Bali to chat over a few Bintangs.


Not to be confused with the creepy village butcher from Fiddler on the Roof, Laserwolf aka Brandon Campbell is a picture taker; wave rider and driver of old cars. Laser’s work in the water is something to be admired. Whether it be, in between his subject and a falling lip to the head or 100 feet in the air, from the eye of a drone, Laserwolf’s ability to capture time and space and particularly water is nothing shy of beautiful. Below is a collection of a few of our affiliates favorite moments in time over his career for you to enjoy. Welcome to the team Laserwolf!

Eddie Would Drone… This shot was fully beginners luck. Only my second time flying a drone but this one has been a big hit with print sale and now a cover. Stay posted to see what becomes of it next.

Summer Squad. As the surf dies down here on the North Shore, these guys roll in for summer. It’s always a trip swimming around with them and hearing how vocal they are.

“The Sea, once it casts it spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever” -Jac’ Cousteau

Surf.Skate.Create. My dads old skate from the sixties and some crusty hippie feet.

(Diego Santos) “You know the day destroys the night, night divides the day, tried to run tried to hide, break on through to the other side, break on through to the other side” – The Doors

40oz Fridays // Josh Anderson

Words flow a bit easier when washed down with a 40. We sat down with IM Affiliate Josh Anderson during his last trip to Mexico to chat over a few beers. Sit back, grab a drink and get inside the mind of Josh.

Boat Tripping Bill

IM Affiliate Billy Kean just dropped a ripping new edit from his time on a boat trip in the Mentawaiis, check it!

Film – Dan Norkunas
Edit – Dane Burnheim