Alexa Sydney // Surfer

Alexa Sydney // Surfer



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For most people on this planet, having a 30 foot wall of water crashing on your head is a thing of nightmares. Not for our friend Alexa Sydney! Alexa looks for it! In fact she trains, plans, and seeks for it. Alexa is a big wave surfer, competitive machine and women of fitness and we wanted to sit down with to see what makes her brain tick...

What got you into Big Wave Surfing?

My whole life I've always been chasing an extreme. My dad love to backcountry snowboarded, my mum heli-skied and my brother is an Olympic snowboarder and race car driver so, I've always been surrounded by extreme sports and people.  It came super natural to me but I had to put in a lot of work to be able to succeed at it, be safe and strive to accomplish visiting more and more breaks.

I also loved that when I started it wasn't really a heavily dominated woman's sport. I loved the idea of doing something not many others where doing.  From the first time I went on a big wave surfing mission, it became such an adrenaline rush that I wanted to keep chasing. I also love the preparation of big wave surfing, the strike mission, the surrendering to fear. It was and continues to be so satisfying and addictive.

I also owe a huge part of my big wave journey to Laura Enever she has had a big inspiration on me and has taken me on my most memorable big wave trips! She's driven me to chase bigger waves and better waves and just enjoy surfing big waves!

Between surfing big stuff and competing I am sure you have a pretty solid training regiment?

I reckon over the past 2-3 years I've gotten into a good training regiment. I'm 21 now and as a kid it just never seemed as important as it should have been to me. When I got seriously into big wave surfing, I realized I needed to be a better athlete and that by being a well conditioned athlete it would improve my overall health and surfing.

I had two major injuries which took me away from surfing and competing for longer than I would have liked. After things like that happen to you, you begin to realize there is always more you can do to be successful and I found a love for the training that I had to do in order to stay safe and healthy.  I'm actually psyched to say that I truly ended up falling in love with all the facets of training.   It's like any other thing I do in my life where it's up to you to work hard to achieve what you want!

Any big plans chasing swell this winter?

Of course mate!!! I'm always looking for things that scare me or set goals for a wave or past!   My main goal is to definitely get back to Jaws! That wave gave me a perspective on big wave surfing and I owe a lot to that place and the people who supported me getting there!

I'd love to go back and get bigger and better ones! I'd also like to surf Todos Santos!, that's been on my mind for a bit now! I eventually wanna get back to Western Australia too that place has a huge place in my heart! and of course go get some waves at the outer reefs in Hawaii maybe tow a couple!

I feel like I always try to have so many goals and plans and I've learned to focus on the journey so I can enjoy it and achieve one at a time so I keep progressing.

Hopefully this year I can chase them all and tick some of those boxes off my goal and bucket list!