Back to the Wild // Film series by Sam Potter

Sam Potter (@captainpotter) Loves Life! That's maybe an understatement actually... Sam's lust for life and culture is absolutely contagious! He decided to make a show based around our planet, the people that live on it, and our call to be wild.


Sam, tell us a little about your new show?

Back to the Wild is a call to adventure and a call to action, encouraging the world to re-wild itself.  In each episode, I travel to a different part of the planet, searching for people still connected to the natural world. I believe that it’s in this connection that we may recover not only a healthier and happier life, but a healthier and happier planet, and I’m honored to kick the series off right here at home on the island of Kauai!! 

Whats the most memorable moment from filming?

I loved driving to the Farm everyday, I loved sitting in the back of the truck and listening to them sing songs. 

What's next for Captain Potter?

MORE EPISODES BABY!! New episodes go live on my YouTube channel on the last Friday of every month.

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