Brandon Enouf // Photographer

Brandon Enouf // Photographer



Brandon Enouf - Photographer / action / adventure / snowsports feature on

Adventure, travel, film repeat... Meet Brandon Enouf. Photographer, filmer, and mountain man.

QWhat inspires you the most when creating content?

A To see the impact my work has on others has by far the the largest influence on my creative process/journey. Seeing people stoked on a moment in time reminds me why I pursued this path in the first place. 

QFavorite subject to shoot?

A A good campfire with some friends never disappoints. The vibes are always fun and more relaxed, but I’d say good company no matter what I’m shooting always makes a huge difference in the experience

QMountains or Beach?

AAlthough the beach is always nice, the mountains have been my home for quite some time and have shaped me to be the person I am today, so I have to say the mountains. There’s something about feeling so small next to contrasting peaks that always grounds me.

QTop 3 Travel destinations from last year?

A Covid definitely made it difficult to get out of the country, but I was still able to make it to some insane locations.  Olympic National Park in the spring was such a unique spot with so many different landscapes. Oahu, Hawaii always brings some insane conditions and is a nice change up from the mountains. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the Eastern Sierras. From skiing in the winter to backpacking in the summer it never disappoints.