Ivy Miller // Model & Comedian

Ivy Miller // Model & Comedian



If you know her, you love her...I know we sure do. Ivy Miller is a surfer, snowboarder, comedian and all around interesting human. She has been a part of the Imperial Motion family for some time now and we never have a dull moment with her! We caught up with Ivy on the phone the other day for a mini interview and put this compilation of favorite Ivy moments together for you to enjoy!

Our Favorite Ivy Moments

Mini Interview

QWhat came first for you, surfing or snowboarding?


QBoat Trip or Heli Snow Trip?

ANeither yet! But I am going to go with Boat Trip.

QFavorite Place in the World to Travel?

AOof thats tricky... Puerto Rico and a close second is Europe!

QWhat Inspires You the Most in the World?