Max Hall // Photographer

Max Hall // Photographer



Meet Max Hall aka @mountain.max. Max is a photographer who finds himself frequently in the grace of beautiful scenery. Whether it be in the shores of Iceland, streets of Los Angeles, or the cascades of the Swiss Alps, Max brings his viewers along for the journey in a way that makes you want to book a ticket with every scroll of his handle. We caught up with Max to chat about how he got started and what inspires him today...


5 Words to Describe Yourself 

Energetic, Happy, Generous, Adventurous, and Curious


What Got You Into Photography?

My best friend Nick got me into photography. He started shooting when we would go hiking and camping and it really sparked a new interest for me and at the time I was traveling as a competitive skier, so my early days in photography were spent learning to shoot in some pretty rad places, despite how bad the photos were... contrary to a lot of creatives, I was bad for like a long time... haha


Would You Rather Be in the Mountains or by the Sea?

This is a hard question, because my heart is in the mountains. Always has been. It's where I was born, raised, and made me the person I am today. The ocean is so raw and beautiful and is just such an epic playground, but i think I have to stick with the mountains... 


Favorite Element in Nature to Shoot?

Favorite element in nature to shoot would have to be mountains again. I know a lot of my work is of the ocean and people, but mountains can be so simply beautiful.