Disposable Mondays. A look into the lives of the individuals we represent – The Underachievers. No editing, no guidelines, just one disposable from beginning to end // The 13th set comes from Adam Bartoshesky aka Captain Barto.. "This roll saw a lot. Los Angeles wildfires, Zuma beach days, a photo shoot with a beautiful girl in Malibu, a visit to my favorite hair stylist, an impromptu road trip to Las Vegas with a mystical muse that I now refer to as BABS- which landed us on stage with The Chainsmokers and an after party in their hotel room that went until the sun came up. I hope these photos make you as happy as they make me. After all the only thing that matters in life at the end of the day and all the bull shit, is if you are happy. So find what does that for you and don't let it go." Photos & Words - @captainbarto