Disposable Mondays. A look into the lives of the individuals we represent – The Underachievers. No editing, no guidelines, just one disposable from beginning to end // "There is one thing about being a skateboarder in the Midwest that can drive one to the brink of insanity. This my friend, is snow. Being born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, this year marks my 22nd time around the earth dealing with this annoyance with mother nature. About 6 months ago, 14 homies and I decided that it would be in our best interest to make the trek down to good ol’ San Juan, Puerto Rico. That is exactly what we did. The week was spent being submerged in the ocean, to sweating our balls off in midst of trying to accumulate as much footage as possible, to drinking copious amounts of Medalla (the choice beer in PR.) I offer you the viewing pleasure of a disposable gallery that represents nothing but the best of times." Word & Photos - Jake Wickersham