Disposable Mondays. A look into the lives of the individuals we represent – The Underachievers. No editing, no guidelines, just one disposable from beginning to end // Spring Break. You’ll get a different definition depending on who you're talking to. To the three of us it meant heading toward California with a car full of cameras, skateboards, tents, beer, and concert tickets. All riding on the notion that our friends will take care of us (and they really did). Certainty is good and has its place in life but we figured that would ruin the fun. Instead of an all inclusive resort, we got a handful of couches to sleep on, packs of Marlboros in Big Sur for 12 dollars & 92 cents, The Muggers in Salt Lake City, warm Modelos on Venice Beach, Santa Barbara at dusk, and Isla Vista at dawn. Although this camera captured some damn good times you won't find any of the best memories here, those go best undocumented. Words & Photos by James Kloote