Jon Nguyen Blog’s from Valencia, Spain

January 30 2013

We were on our own in Valencia, with no tour guide. Which made it even better when we did find things to skate, especially spots like this. This was one of the only places we could skate with no hassle from the police. They were everywhere and pretty unforgiving. We heard a lot of horror stories of boards being confiscated and tickets being given, but luckily that never happened to us. Although we did get kicked out a lot, the police would just tell us to leave. We managed to get the better of the local police by coming back to spots everyday, at all times of the day until it worked out.

This spot is above one of the Metro stations. They’re actually really hard to skate but look amazing. All in all the trip was a success, keep a look out for the article in the newest Grey Magazine as well as the video which should be out sooner than later! – Jon