Welcome Max Desantis

Welcome Max Desantis

On a small back road in the surf rich heart land of Bali we caught up with Max Desantis. Max is sixteen years old and was born in Kauai. At the age of 2 months his family brought him to Bali. He has grown up on nasi bunkos, motor bikes, swim wear and the grinding left hand reef passes of Bali.

As of recently he moved back to Kauai to finish school and focus on getting experience in the big waters of the Hawaiian Islands. Max has a quiet, humble approach to life, always looking for good in people. He is positive and seems to let his surfing do the talking.

“Bali is such a great place to be raised as a child, getting to experience so many different people from different cultures. I’m very lucky to have been raised here.”

It’s great to hear that Max is finishing school while also focusing on a surf career. School doesn’t tell you what to think , it helps you learn how to think. Critical thinking and problems solving is important to surfing, traveling, and just living life in general.

“Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from exploring and experiencing new things.” – So many amazing places out there. If you never go, you’ll never know.

We are super stoked to welcome Max to the IM family.  We are looking forward to adventuring and exploring with Max in the future. Maybe he can help us learn the Indonesia language and show us where to paddle out on a low tide Uluwatu day.