7 Men's Boardshorts Designs for the Summer

7 Men's Boardshorts Designs for the Summer

Hitting the beach is a must-do activity of the summer.

There's nothing like feeling the sand and sun on your skin and relaxing in the water. Whether you're the guy looking to get barreled or you prefer to hang out with a beer in hand, it's sure to be a great time.

In order to be prepared for this time, you are going to need some new boardshorts.

A new pair of boardshorts can make you feel like a brand-new person. They fit just right and look even better. This is the perfect way to rock your dad bod or shredded six-pack.

You just need the right men's boardshorts to do the trick!

Here are seven eye-catching designs to consider rocking this summer.

1. The Hayworth Mix

There are a few variations of our signature Hayworth Boardshort and the Mix is arguably the one that stands out most. Coming in both the 19" Mid with the signature Tight and Right Fit Waistband and the 18" Classic with an elastic waistband for added comfort and extra stretch.

This look is made to be fun and fashion-forward. It's set up in three blocks that represent everything all the best men's boardshorts have.

The first is a standard, single-tone color. This is the canvas of the Hayworth Mix that keeps it from being too busy of a design. It's complemented by a second, smaller block of color that is also just a single shade.

The two are topped off with a floral print on the bottom half of the boardshorts. If you love wearing Hawaiian shirts or you're looking for a way to diversify basic boardshorts, this is the style for you.

2. The Hayworth Congo

Another great approach to the Hayworth Boardshort is the Congo series.

This is also set up in three blocks, similar to the design of the Mix. The boardshorts have a light blue color on the top and an even lighter yellow on the bottom, connected by a strip of dark blue.

But, the Hayworth Congo has a taste of the tropics all over. Splashes of palm tree leaves decorate the light blocks, while the middle strip remains a single tone, as in the Mix series.

Still, this look is a fun way to switch up your regular men's boardshorts style.

3. The Vislon

To really turn heads on the beach, look no further than the Vislon.

This is a pair of white men's boardshorts that have been transformed with multi-colored, beautifully-textured fabric. The pattern fills the length of the shorts from top to bottom, with white fabric lining the waist, pockets, and hem.

It's a stunning look that any guy would look great in, and that man may as well be you!

4. The Seeker Stretch

If you're a fan of patterned men's boardshorts, but looking for something a little more low-key, check out the Seeker Stretch.

This pair has an awesome pink and blue pattern that takes up most of the shorts. There is a thick pink lining on the waistline, matched with a bold black tie for a bit of a contrast.

The Seeker Stretch comes in both the 19" Mid with the signature Tight and Right Fit Waistband and the 18" Classic with an elastic waistband for added comfort and extra stretch.

5. The Hayworth Batik

If you are looking for a longer boardshorts checkout the Hayworth Batik 20" Standard Boardshort. 

The Batik features a simple three color design with a lot of texture. The teal highlights the two grey tones and gives these boardshorts something to catch the eye.

But what really sets these apart from the other boardshorts is the texture. Both of the grey tones have a subtle texture layered on the top which gives them a stone and marble look.

This design is sure to get compliments and plenty of looks when you are chilling at the beach.

6. The Carbon Linear

For a pattern that is subtle yet eye-catching checkout the Carbon Linear.

These men's boardshorts are meant for the guy who is not afraid to stand out. 

The Carbon Linear design is loud and proud. It comes in black and is covered in a  white lines. But it is white mountain like shapes that bring these shorts to life.

These boardshorts look like a topographic map that has been modified into a modern boardshort design. They are sure to turn heads.

7. The Seeker Volley

Patterns are great and all, but what if you want a standard pair of men's boardshorts with just a touch of something special? 

Maybe that something special is a an acid washed look.

Meet the Seeker 17" Retro Boardshorts. These come in vintage black or aqua with an elastic waistband for maximized comfort and stretch. 

These boardshorts are simple, but the acid washed touch makes them stand out in the crowd. It's a vintage design that is easily noticed, but won't call too much attention to yourself.

Such a look creates a laid-back look that still says you know a thing or two about dressing well - whether on the beach or poolside these boardshorts will become your summer staple.

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