IM Active // Brent Bielmann

On any given day this year, Brent Bielmann could find himself getting sucked over the falls trying to nail “the shot”, pulling into a few shallow barrels of his own, or on some exotic hike on a mountain few can pronounce. In short, the man is active, by every definition of the word. We caught up with Brent (while we could) to peer into what makes the man tick.

IM Active // Alex Smith

Training is an important and often under rated part of surfing. Everybody has their own recipe to get ready for the water – Maybe it’s heavywater training or 20oz curls, whatever the formula is, you need to have the right gear when the time comes. Follow Imperial Motion Affiliate, Alex Smith as he trains on his home grounds in Kauai in the new IM Active collection. From the Carbon Premier – Compression lined boardies, the Squad Running Short, or the IM CarbonCool wicking t-shirts, Alex is covered whether he’s in the humid jungle, volcanic mountains, or tropical Pacific waters.