Jon Nguyen // Substance (Full Part)

IM Affiliate Jon Nguyen’s full part in Transworld Skateboarding’s 2015 full length Substance, online for the first time ever.

35mm B&W with Jon Nguyen

Days and nights in Barcelona, Rome, and Istanbul captured on black & white 35mm film by IM Affiliate Jon Nguyen.

imperial-motion-35mm-bw-jon-nguyen-1 imperial-motion-35mm-bw-jon-nguyen-2 imperial-motion-35mm-bw-jon-nguyen-3 imperial-motion-35mm-bw-jon-nguyen-4 imperial-motion-35mm-bw-jon-nguyen-5 imperial-motion-35mm-bw-jon-nguyen-7 imperial-motion-35mm-bw-jon-nguyen-6 imperial-motion-35mm-bw-jon-nguyen-8 imperial-motion-35mm-bw-jon-nguyen-9

TWS Sightings August 2016

IM Affiliates Peter Raffin and Jon Nguyen featured in the August 2016 Transworld Skate Sightings. Photos by Dave Chami.

Board slide Transfer Yank

Peter Raffin Boardslide Transfer Yank. San Jose, CA.

Nose Manual then Ollie

Jon Nguyen Nose Manual then Ollie. San Jose, CA

Jon Nguyen // Firing Line

IM Affiliate Jon Nguyen has a new Firing Line up at Thrasher Magazine, check it!


Jon Nguyen Retrospective

To celebrate IM Affiliate Jon Nguyen’s debut pro Isle board, Carson Lee and Dave Chami put together a retrospective chronicling 10 years of Jon’s skating.


Jon Nguyen // Substance España

IM Affiliate Jon Nguyen has been on fire this past year and he’s finishing up his part for the 27th Transworld video, Substance. The video will premier January 22nd in LA, but until then check out the Substance España article that is now live on the Transworld Skate site.

Photos by Cameron Strand.

imperial-motion-transworld-substance-jon-nguyen- imperial-motion-jon-nguyen-crook-bonk-tws-substance

Jon Nguyen // TWS Readers’ Choice 2015

IM Affiliate Jon Nguyen has had a hell of a year, and he’s up for Readers’ Choice Best Cover and Best Photo of 2015. Go support our dude and vote for Jon!


November 2015 Cover
Backside tailslide
Photo: Dave Chami


Backside Flip
Photo – Sam Muller


Jon Nguyen Substance Interview

IM Affiliate Jon Nguyen has an interview in the November issue of Transworld Skate for his Substance part coming this January.

Read the full interview here.

imperial-motion-jon-nguyen-substance-interview imperial-motion-jon-nguyen-substance-interview-1

Behind The Cover // Jon Nguyen

IM Affiliate Jon Nguyen featured in Transworld Skateboardings Behind The Cover video for his cover in the November 2015 Issue.

Transworld Skateboarding // Jon Nguyen Cover

IM Affiliate Jon Nguyen lands his first cover for the November 2015 issue of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine.