Jon Nguyen // Substance (Full Part)

IM Affiliate Jon Nguyen’s full part in Transworld Skateboarding’s 2015 full length Substance, online for the first time ever.

Postcards From Paradise // Winner Derrick Lambertz

Our second winner in our Postcards from Paradise photo contest is Derrick Lambertz for his entry of his Midwest Paradise.
“Most people would think Iowa is far from a “paradise”, but I wouldn’t of wanted to be born anywhere else. The people you’ll meet and the odd things you’ll see make The Midwest its own type of paradise. It may not be seventy degrees outside all the time but I don’t think I’d have it any other way.” – Derrick Lambertz on Des Moines, Iowa.

We’re still taking entries, too! Submit for a chance to win $200 worth of IM product and the chance to win $1,000 Cash towards your next trip to paradise.

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Jenkem // Hanging Out With Walker Ryan

Jenkem Mag recently spent a loosely planned day hanging out around New York with IM Affiliate Walker Ryan. Check what they got in to below!


Walker Ryan // Thunder Trucks

IM Affiliate Walker Ryan just dropped a heavy part with Thunder Trucks. Watch his part below and head over to the Thunder Trucks site to read the interview!

Walker Ryan // Under the African Capricorn Chapter 3

Under the African Capricorn. Join IM Affiliate Walker Ryan alongside friends as they skate incredible spots in Namibia.
Click the image to see the edit. Filmed by Patrik Wallner.


TWS Am Transmission 2016

The Transworld Skate 2016 Am Transmission is a heavy hitting montage starring the top ams out right now. We’re stoked to see IM Affiliates Josh Anderson, Joey Guevara, Danny Nguyen, and Peter Raffin crush it in this one. Raffin ends the montage with hammer after hammer.. check it!




TWS Sightings August 2016

IM Affiliates Peter Raffin and Jon Nguyen featured in the August 2016 Transworld Skate Sightings. Photos by Dave Chami.

Board slide Transfer Yank

Peter Raffin Boardslide Transfer Yank. San Jose, CA.

Nose Manual then Ollie

Jon Nguyen Nose Manual then Ollie. San Jose, CA

Confus 2 // Alex Massotti

IM Affiliate Alex Massotti just dropped an edit while in Vienna, Austria. Check it!

PG-13 // Ep. 01 Walker Ryan

Beer, maps, flights, rental cars, no AC, beer, crowded parks, cops, beer, tickets, shinners, highway side ditches, hotels, beer, slappy’s, trogs, shop signing, high fives, beer… Life on the road can’t always be glamorous, but hell..It’s usually fun. We invite you into our world on the road, overseas, and at home with our affiliates that though diverse in every way, have one thing in common. Skateboarding.

Ep. 01 featuring IM Affiliate Walker Ryan and his travels through Mexico, LA, SF, NYC, and Thailand.

Next New Wave // Walker Ryan & Old Friends

IM Affiliate Walker Ryan gives us insight on the new brand he’s started, Old Friends, in the Berrics Next New Wave Trajectory.