Tropical Breezes, South Swell and of course, the beautiful Ivy Miller...What's there not to love!? Episode 3 of Mixed Feelings takes us to Costa Rica and across the pond to Puerto Rico for a quick little visual vacation with Ivy and Friends. Do yourself a favor and click the link below to watch!

How bout a little mountain stroll? Episode II of Mixed Feelings journeys to Utah, Bear Mountain and up to the Pacific Northwest. We've got snowboarding, we've got wake surfing, we've got Ivy ...It's all here, all you've got to do is press play and enjoy.

Welcome to the mind of Ivy Miller... We present our new series with the beautiful, smile inducing, free spirit, you may know as @ivuss. Mixed Feelings takes you along for a front row seat in the adventurously random life of Ivy. New sites, new friends, new experiences and pretty much everything in between. We promise you'll smile!