Bali // Welcome To Warm

Bali // Welcome To Warm

Bali, Indonesia tranquil, green and the ideal environment to road test our Warm 2019 products. JJ, our brand manager, invited our surf guides and affiliates to this paradise for our Warm 2019 catalog.

It's so green here. Driving through the country side has almost been distracting these past few mornings at first light. The waterline and sky even seem like they weave together in the right light. Various shades of the island's theme color. Perhaps that's why the beers are even green here...

The island feels like home at this point. But, not to grow moss on the soles of our feet, we kept moving. As the sea calmed and the weather changed, we set for the jungle. Our long-sleeved tees provided cover as we cut through the dense green jungle lined with mosquitos and a few hand sized spiders. We negotiated with the monkeys for photos, like one negotiates with a used car salesman for a discount. I think we were successful, but then again, we left the jungle with two pairs of sunglasses and a lot less fruit then we walked in with.

From the jungle to the sea, our ideal, Never Established... Always Evolving guides our path.

A bit warm from our journey we sought refreshment from a local watering hole. A cave that looked like it could be home to something prehistoric, wandered like a canyon and then emptied into a beautiful natural pool. What better place to give our mix and match summer wear and volleys a soak and take a break from the humid air?

As we lie there floating weightless on our backs, we couldn't help but laugh. This trip kept on getting better and better. We came here to take pictures and get inspired for our new collection. We checked those boxes ages ago... What lay ahead was strictly the crème on top. Light and sweet... We invite you to dive in