How Do High Vis Jackets Work?

How Do High Vis Jackets Work?

High visibility or reflective clothing serve one major purpose. Keeping you safe. It's right there, in its name. There are a wide variety of uses for these items of clothing and just as many more you should own one.

Not only are high vis jackets great for being seen, they are made to protect you from the elements, as well. These jackets, vests and other reflective gear can be bought for all ages and all types of wear.

Every household should have at least one. Just because you don't consider yourself to be in a position to need one, we can always use some extra safety. Let's take a closer look at high visibility jackets.

What are Reflective Jackets

High visibility jackets and clothing are made from bright colors that reflect light to be seen from long distances away. They also have reflective stripes or bands that absorb light and reflect it out.

These colors, along with the stripes work well in the dark, in fog and in bright sunlight. Just like you need to be seen in the dark, they are also highly visible during brightness.

Like sunlight blinds you that is being reflected off the hood of your car, bright white snow or wet roads when you are driving. The bright colors and reflective stripes will glint in the brightness, alerting you someone is there.

How Do Hi Vis Jackets Work

The entire jacket can be made of a reflective material or it can be made of fluorescent colors with reflective bands. The material or the bands will reflect light that is shining directly on them.

If you have a jacket made with both fluorescent colors and reflective strips, you have all the bases covered. The bight colors allow you to stand out in the bright light and the strips appear to glow when light is shining on them.

In the dark, if you are in the beam of headlights you will be seen. You can also shine a flashlight directly on the stripes or shaped to let people know you are there. The reflective material bounces light back to the source.


A nylon or polyester jacket can have small glass beads in it, that act as the reflectors. They are extremely small and condensed in the material. You can also find tape, piping, and bands to attach to your clothing.

You can add extra piping to a reflective jacket, just to up the safety level. Tapes and piping can also have tiny plastic prisms that reflect any light that hits them. When light is reflected, it goes back to the source, rather than getting scattered around.

Who Should Have One

Well, everyone who leaves their house. A combination of fluorescent and reflective are likely best. That way, you have it all covered. Many jobs require staff to wear some type of reflective gear, but it doesn't need to end there.

Besides being highly visible, they are made of materials that are waterproof, windproof and can be lined for colder weather. They can also keep you safe from certain injuries, acting as a buffer off you fall off your bike or work equipment.


You've seen these high vis jackets at airports, train stations and on firefighters and police. Road construction workers, lifeguards and life jackets should all be highly visible.

Even your school crossing guard wears reflective clothing and their sign is reflective, as well. From traffic cops to landscapers, you can never be too safe.


Kids out riding their bikes can certainly benefit from high vis jackets. Even in low traffic areas, once the sun starts to go down or in the bright sunshine, it's so important they can be seen from a distance.


People out on their motorbikes can so easily fall into the driver's blind spot. Any extra protection is always welcome. In cases of motorbikes, it's a good idea to add reflective pants or at lease piping around the legs and even helmet.

For Emergencies

It's just smart to keep one in the house, in the car and even in the camper or motorhome.

Flat Tire

If you have a flat tire or break down out of the road somewhere, you may not have flares. Even if you do, put on a high vis jacket to up the safety. This is important if your car dies and you haven't any power.

Power Outage

A power outage at the home can also mean the power is out for several blocks. You want to be seen if you need to go out for supplies, are out trying to suss the situation or just trying to fix something, like a blown fuse.

If the lights are out in the whole neighborhood, the only lights will be headlights. Add in mass confusion and that's just trouble looking to get in.


You should always have reflective clothing when you are camping. If you are in an isolated area, you can be depending on starlight to see your way. Any traffic coming along can be completely unaware you are there.

They are also nice to have for unexpected rain, wind and they work well on top of you as an extra blanket. hand one outside your tent, for safety and visibility.

Evening Strollers

Many people enjoy an evening stroll. Maybe you just like to walk your dinner off, maybe you like to walk the dog. Good quality high vis jackets can be enjoyed by the whole family. In fact, you can even get reflective tape for Fido's jacket.

You don't need to be a high-risk worker to need to wear a high visibility jacket. Your safety is very important. Let yourself been seen. These jackets also keep you warm and dry.

When you are out after dark or at dusk, you want those headlights to see you and your reflective bands. Not just for safety, but practical, too. For more information, please keep reading here.