After 5 days spent in Mexico City, Mexico, the team hopped in the van and hit the road for a long drive to Guadalajara. Tired, sore, and sick with the bug from the water the team fought through it and killed every spot. Guadalajara was a breath of fresh air (literally.) Less smog and more openness than the city helped to get everyone’s head straight again. We went to the market every morning for fresh fruit and vegetables followed by a rad coffee shop inspired by skating and art. The cops threatened to kick us out of what seemed to be nearly every spot, but our tour guide and now close homie, Lenny, was able to ease the situation and coax them into letting the fellas skate most times. Everyone thinks traveling for skateboarding is just a vacation, and although skate trips can be a damn good time, these dudes do it for a living and test their physical limits for two weeks straight. It’s hard work and they push themselves harder than most people could imagine. Mexico proved to be exactly that. Keep an eye out for the article in The Skateboard Mag and edit dropping soon!