The last time we rounded up the crew they took to the streets of Seattle on our Warped Speed tour producing some unforgettable stories and great skateboarding.  This time around with thought we would up the ante and go international - Straight into the heart of Mexico where the streets get busier, the smog stifles your breath, and the sun claims your skin by the end of your first session. A worthy adversary. But when you are fueled with a steady flow of cervesas and a daily dose of the the worlds finest taco’s, there’s really nothing you can't handle. Add a last minute invite to Chris Haslam from the San Jose boys and it is bound to be a trip of a lifetime. Have a quick look at what the guys encountered on first week of their Mexican holiday. Looks like nothing short of good vibes. Stay tuned for more as the boys wrap up the second leg of the trip in Guadalajara and be on the look out for the full article in The Skateboard Mag!

You can follow the trip on Instagram with the hashtag #IMmextrippin