How to Choose the Right Swimming Trunks

How to Choose the Right Swimming Trunks


To have a great day at the beach all you need is a pair of swimming trunks, the sunshine, warm sand, a cool breeze, some quality sunscreen, and possibly a boat.

The fit of your swimsuit will a very important aspect of your day. If it doesn't fit well and flatter you, then you may not like how you look in photographs. Or if you like to waterski, you could end up with a serious wedgie.

The right swimwear is an investment in your experience. Don't buy five different pairs of swimming trunks, instead, take your time to find one that fits well and will stand up to water, sun, sand, and trips to the bar.

Today's swimsuits are better made than ever before and it's true that you get what you pay for.

With so many new cuts, shapes, and patterns, it can be difficult to know what to choose for your body type. Read on to learn more about what may flatter your shape.

The Dad Bod

Celebrities with this figure include: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Segal

If your body has started to soften, you should avoid buying a pair of swimming trunks that are super fitted. If you do, you risk unflattering fat sticking out over your waistband.

Instead, try a pair that has a relaxed waistband or drawstrings. There are also new shorts that have half-elastic in the back and then a zip or a button on the front.

The Lean Athlete

Celebrities with this figure include: Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum

If you have a toned and lean body with a healthy dose of muscle, then you can't go wrong with a swimsuit choice.

For those that are on the tall side, you should choose a pair of swimming trunks that have an inseam of six to seven inches.

If you are shorter than 5'10", then you should try to find a pair with an inseam of four or five inches.

No matter what your height is, everyone can benefit from pops of bold color and exciting patterns. They're sure to get you notice on the beach and make you stand out in the right way.

Tall and Thin

Celebrities with this figure include: Adrien Brody, Benedict Cumberbatch

If you are very tall, then you probably have some long legs. These can be a very attractive feature to women. Make sure that you choose a swimsuit that accentuates them.

Try choosing a suit with a six-inch inseam to make them stand out. Make sure you choose a pair that has a drawstring so that they will break up the leanness of your body.

If you are thin and less than 5'10", then you should choose a drawstring swimsuit as well. But instead of a six-inch inseam, you should go for a shorter cut of around four inches.

The Beer Gut

Celebrities with this figure include: Seth Rogan, Kevin James

If you haven't been getting to the gym lately and you still want to look good in your swimming trunks, then you should try buying a pair that is mid-length or longer.

These will give you a loose fit that is flattering with the width of your hips.

You can also benefit from buying a swimsuit that has a drawstring. They will allow you to adjust the size of the suit easily so you can be comfortable.

Make sure that you avoid any styles that are advertised as tailored or tapered designs. These would not be flattering on your figure.

The Strongman

Celebrities with this figure include: Hugh Jackman, Joe Manganiello

If you have been bulking up, then you can have a difficult time finding the right swimming trunks.

Make sure that you look for some that have wide leg openings so that your quads can rest comfortably.

If you want to have a relaxed look, you could try a pair that has a drawstring or elastic. Also, don't be afraid to opt for the six-inch inseam options since you have well-toned legs.

Short and Stocky

Celebrities with this figure include: Tom Hardy, Floyd Mayweather

If you have a shorter frame and a stocky build, then you should avoid any long swimming trunks with drawstrings.

Instead, choose a short-to-mid-length fitted option. It will add the appearance of height to your torso.

You should avoid purchasing any trunks that have longer than a six-inch inseam. They would cut the length of your legs and detract from your strong build. Instead, by having a streamlined look you can avoid the appearance of additional bulk.

Average Swimming Trunks

If you consider your build average, you should try buying swimming trunks that have a narrower cut and a short inseam.

You would also benefit from having an adjustable waistline so that you can hide any potential love handles.

Beach-to-Bar Swimsuits

If you are going on vacation and want to pack light, then you should try buying a pair of shorts that crossover as a swimsuit.

There are options on the market that have inset pockets, side tabs that adjust, and flies with a zip and a button.

They are most often made from a quick-drying polyamide fabric. This will leave you feeling refreshed after a day in the water instead of uncomfortable.

More Menswear

Buying the right swimsuit is all about being realistic about your body type and making the best decision based on that information.

Consider how tall you are, what body fat percentage you have, how muscular your legs are, and what your color preferences are when selecting a swimming suit.

For anyone that has a bit more fat than they would like, it's a good option to choose trunks that have a drawstring to help disguise it. You can also purchase suits with fun patterns to flatter your figure.

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